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Sustainable Foods Program

Grow Your Passion

Through the establishment of the greenhouse and hydroponic farming, the project will contribute to the development of a local agricultural industry, providing economic opportunities and empowering community members.. The following are outcomes that we hope to achieve with this program:

  • Engage students from Hoonah City School in Horticultural Education

  • Provide community learning opportunities.

  • Increase education around health and wellness through food. 

  • Teach sustainable, year round, agricultural practices for South East Alaska.

  • Create food security within the Hoonah Tlingit community,

  • Preserve traditional values of stewardship while using innovative production practices.

  • Create new industry and jobs as a source of equity. 


HIA's Native Foods project not only ensures a steady supply of fresh, nutritious food but also cultivates skills and knowledge in greenhouse management and hydroponic farming, offering employment prospects for community members and students alike. Here, At HIA, we envision a future where the Hoonah Tlingit community thrives in harmony with nature, nourished by their traditions and equitable access to nutritious food, while also benefiting from the growth of a new local industry.​

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