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The Hoonah Indian Association

In 1939 Tribal Leaders established HIA as a Federally Recognized Tribal Government. "The Board," as this group is known, is the governing body of HIA by which Tribal decisions are made, ideas vetted, and resolutions are passed. Over the years HIA has established and fostered a Government-to-Government relationship with the United States of America. HIA acts in a spirit of partnership with other tribal governments and corporations to advance the needs of the Huna Tlingit in "Indian Country". 

The HIA Board

The present HIA Board has been in place since 2020 and consists of Tlingit men and women who share a passion for the socio-economic advancement of the tribe, the preservation of culture, the well-being of tribal members, and (above all) upholding the integrity of the offices to which they are appointed.

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