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Meet the Team

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Our tribal administration consists of a team of dynamic professionals who are focused on helping our tribe thrive. We work very hard to provide the best possible services to our growing community. Hoonah Alaska is a special place, but the people make it exceptional. 

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Our Story

HIA was a Tribal Government before Alaska was a state. In 1939 HIA was founded by a group of people whose conviction that the Huna Tlingit demanded a seat at the table with the US Government drove them to pursued Federally Recognized Status as a Sovereign Tribal Government. As part of this pursuit the tribe published its first constitution and by-laws. As years progressed HIA has worked to advocate for the needs of the community, provide essential services, and serve as a cultural hub for the tribe. As we move forward, we strive to continue to do everything within our power to be responsible stewards of land, sea, sky, and culture. 

Tribal Leadership

Program Team

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