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Hoonah Indian Association

Hoonah Alaska

Woosh ji.een

Pulling Together

Our Mission

Our past provides the framework by which we move forward. 

It is the mission of the Hoonah Indian Association to build economic, governmental, and social opportunities that promote Tribal sovereignty and individual empowerment while preserving the history and traditions of our ancestors. We are therefore stewards of land, air, and sea in a modern world. 


Southeast Traditional Tribal Values

"Our Way of Life"

Our Values Mirror those of the Tlingit and Haida Central Council and are listed as follows:

  • Discipline and Obedience to the Traditions of Our Ancestors

  • Respect for Ourselves, Elders, and Others

  • Respect for Nature and Property

  • Patience

  • Pride in Family, Clan, and Traditions are Found in Love, Loyalty, and Generosity

  • Be Strong in Mind, Body, and Spirit

  • Humor

  • Hold Each Other Up

  • Listen Well and with Respect

  • Speak with Care

  • We are Stewards of Land, Air, and Sea

  • Reverence for Our Creator

  • Live in Peace and Harmony

  • Be Strong and Have Courage

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